ISKRAThe 20-year-old Iskra higlights class differenses, feminism, world wide actions we can take in the Water Crises and what water supply looks like in one of the world´s most densely populated places, Mumbai.

The movie is used as educational material for Amnesty international, won Angeläget 2015 Filmfestival and was showcased on Gothenburg Filmfestival 2016. 

The short documentary was created in collaboration with students as MD College in Mubai and was my graduation project from Globala Gymnasiet.


Art Direction:  Yuvia Maini
Edit:   Felicia Strömstedt, Alice Lasey, Yuvia Maini
Interview, sound & film: Yuvia Maini 

With guidance from: Helena Larsson, Niklas Smith,
Eva Van Bennekom
Thanks to: Iskra Shinde, Yogita Basutkar & all the students and staff at MD College  ︎