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Hello world,
I am a freelance animator/digital artist working to bring pixels and humans closer together. The projects I take on are tailored to the client & target audience but usually involves AR, 360, 3d, 2d or traditional animation.

The road that led me to an overdue of screen time, started in a Cuban/ Indian/ Norwegian home in Stockholm and took me on a loooong journey through Paris, London and Berlin. I have been lucky enough to learn from Konstfack, Hyper Island, work with some talented people at Formförbundet and co-create in Random Collective.

When I am not in front of a screen I am arranging interactive exhibitions with Blobb.TV or teaching about XR & Animation.


AR: SparkAR, EffectsHouse, Reality Composer, Unity

ANIMATION: AE, C4D, Blender, Octane, Premier, Photoshop, Procreate, TouchDesigner, Processing

OTHER: Resomule,  Illustrator, InDesign, Max, Arduino

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