“Lågtid” (eng. "Downtime") is a short film dedicated to the low points of time. The audiovisual work was born from an interdisciplinary collaboration between visual artist Ellisif Hals, animator Yuvia Maini and composer Cassius Lambert. In the work, they freely explore the subconscious landscapes of Ellisif Hals's drypoint-needle printed etching artworks. Together, they discuss what happens when the highpoint of life takes a break and invite us to an inflation of downtime. The work recently premiered in Malmö Konsthall and is now touring in film festivals. Link provided on request.

Funding: Konstnärsnämnden
Art: Ellisif Hals 
Animation / Film: Yuvia Maini
Cassius Lambert 

Cloud Animation: Sunakshi Puri
Producer: BLOBB.TV
Supported by: Misschiefs / Malmö Konsthall 

yuvi@maini.tv  ︎